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Lawn mowing services

Weekly or fortnightly mowing cycles are available as a complete service package to leave you with a well-defined cut after every visit. Of course, your service package can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Plant nutrition programs

Feeding your lawns is an essential component of the basic lawn maintenance program. Whether using phosphate-free maintenance fertilisers or phosphate-containing CNR* fertilisers, application occurs at required intervals to optimise nutrient uptake and minimise environmental effects.
*Controlled Nitrogen Release (slow release)

Iron deficiency

Foliar spray fertilising is used to correct iron and trace element deficiencies, a very common problem associated with alkaline soils caused by bore water irrigation from limestone aquifers, or with the excessive presence of calcium carbonate within the soil profile.

Wetting agents

We recognise the importance of applying wetting agents to combat ’run-off’, the unique phenomenon of our Western Australian soils. Wetting agents also assist in the even uptake of fertilisers for a more uniform colour in your lawn during summer.

Pest management

Lawn Culture is a registered Commercial Pesticide Firm (registration number 1600) and has licensed operators to manage weed, fungal and insect pests in your lawns.

Turf renovations

Renovations are required from time to time to breathe some life into a tired lawn. Thatch gradually accumulates beneath the canopy of your lawn as time passes, making it spongy and difficult to mow whilst harbouring diseases and preventing irrigation water to reach the soil surface. Thatch is removed by verti-mowing, which can be carried out as a complete verti-mow (an almost complete removal of thatch once every few years) or as a rejuvenation verti-mow (the removal of thatch in small amounts at frequent intervals throughout the year).

Constant use of your lawn also leads to compaction of the underlying soil which directly influences the health of the root system. Coring should be performed from time to time and will loosen and oxygenate the soil for improved root health.

Top-soiling, contrary to popular opinion, should only be carried out with certain types of soil for the sole purpose of levelling the lawn surface. Top-soiling may also be required after verti-mowing and/or coring depending on the type of turf being renovated.

Other services

Water analysis, soil analysis and turf pathology services can be arranged as required.